No. We test API keys during the cube setup process to ensure that withdrawal is not enabled for your account. We will send you a bill via email at the end of each quarter.
No. If you trade within your account this trading will interfere with COINCUBE's performance. If you want to trade on your own, we recommend that you use another exchange account for this. Also, you will likely pay unnecessary exchange trading fees if you make your own trades because COINCUBE will automatically position your account to be in line with the algorithm. If you must trade in your account for some reason, you can disable your Cube by navigating to SETTINGS/ALGORITHM and then selecting "Trading Disabled" and clicking "SAVE."
Yes. There isn't a restriction against adding additional funds to your account. Our software handles additional deposits as counting toward the current quarter starting balance. We do this so as not to erroneously count the additional deposit as an increase in the account total due to trading.
It is best if you leave your account alone. However, we realize that sometimes circumstances change and so, if you do withdraw funds, we will automatically adjust your account for the reduction in funds and your fee calculation will not be adversely affected.
Yes, you may withdraw your gains at any time. We do recommend allowing your gains to compound through trading though.
You can close your account at any time by clicking the "CLOSE CUBE" button in SETTINGS/OPTIONS. Your cube will be deactivated and we will send you a bill for any outstanding fee balance that is due.


Please watch our Bitfinex, Bitstamp, GDAX (Coinbase), Gemini, or Kraken tutorial videos. Gemini tutorial video coming soon.
Exchange fee structures can be found at the following links: Bitstamp, Bitfinex, GDAX (Coinbase), Gemini.


We charge a flat fee of 1% of assets under management (AUM). This fee is billed on a quarterly basis (0.25% per quarter).
The fee is calculated as 0.25% (1%/4) of the assets under management (AUM) for the previous quarter. If funds are added to a trading account partway through a quarter, those funds are pro-rated for fee calculation.
We will send you an invoice at the end of each quarter. If you owe a fee, we will include a Bitcoin payment address. All fees are paid in Bitcoin.

WAVE Algorithm

WAVE follows longer-term weekly or monthly trends. In 2015, WAVE traded once very 44 days on average. The WAVE approach to trading requires patience.
WAVE waits for confirmation of a trend reversal before trading. This means that the algorithm will not catch the very top or bottom of a market move.
No trading system will make profitable trades 100% of the time. In live trading from November 19, 2014 to November 19, 2015, 7 out of 9 trades made by WAVE were profitable (77%).

TIDE Algorithm

TIDE uses dynamic limit orders to maintain user allocations. This means that trade frequency depends on market volatility but you should expect to see several trades per week, per asset.
We believe that wise investing involves diversification. While we are long-term Bitcoin bulls, the future is uncertain and hedging your Bitcoin position with several runner-up cryptocurrencies is wise. We would recommend no more than 20-30% of your total cryptocurrency portfolio to be invested in Bitcoin competitor currencies or assets.
Yes, you can. We recommend exchange diversifiction so that you don't have all of your trading assets on any one exchange. Of course, it is also wise not to hold all of your bitcoins on exchanges.
No, if you wish to use TIDE and WAVE, you will need to have one exchange account for WAVE and one or more for TIDE which are separate from the WAVE connected account.
This is not necessary and the algorithm will position your account into your desired allocations automatically once your exchange account is connected to COINCUBE. You should move funds and buy or sell assets such that your portfolio allocation is close to how you want it to be but this is not required.